Wellbeing Leads and Hubs

mdeducational foundation Wellbeing Leads and Hubs create safe spaces for post-16 students within schools and educational settings

What are Wellbeing Leads?

mdeducational foundation provides salary funding for schools and educational settings to hire qualified wellbeing professionals to support the wellbeing of students within post-16 settings in the UK and Ireland. This works as the establishment’s kick-starter to a long-term wellbeing strategy.

The role of our Wellbeing Leads is to promote positive wellbeing through the delivery of a wellbeing curriculum by normalising student psychological fitness and resilience.

Our Wellbeing Leads

  • Are experienced in working with young people
  • Are great at building rapport with young people
  • Have great listening and organisational skills
  • Know all about the safeguarding and confidentiality requirements within educational settings
  • Use data to learn, inform and improve how they work

We offer our Wellbeing Leads

  • The benefit of an ever-growing Wellbeing Lead network, where professionals can share their ideas, thoughts and tips with each other
  • Clinical Wellbeing Lead Supervisor in hand to provided support learning and reinforcement
  • A chance to make a real difference by supporting and pioneering a better future for our young people – through education and beyond
Wellbeing Lead talking to a student

Thoughts from one of our Wellbeing Leads

”Do it! The opportunity is so rewarding. I love the freedom I have to make this role my own, and although the position can be challenging at times, I go home every day feeling like I have done good. There’s no other role like this. Although my previous experience was similar, I also had a lot of other responsibilities in areas like attendance. Now I only have wellbeing as my core focus, meaning I can make a much more significant impact. I’ve also had fantastic feedback from the students. One even said they wished “everyone had a Miss Wilson.” Having someone they can go to when they need help has made a world of difference for these young people.”

Wellbeing Lead, at a school in England

The Wellbeing Hubs

The hubs are safe spaces exclusively set up to support post-16 students within places of education.

  • Whether in a converted classroom, office or outbuilding, it provides a comfortable, supportive place for the Wellbeing Lead to prioritise wellbeing support for post-16 students.
  • The Wellbeing Hubs are conducive to wellbeing in a safe, holistic and welcoming environment.
The Wellbeing Hubs

Activities at the Wellbeing Hubs

We know from our student feedback that having a dedicated and comfortable space within the place of education can be of huge benefit for them.

Informed by the requirements of the students and collaboration with the school and educational setting, the Wellbeing Lead will develop an agile timetable of different events and activities to enrich wellbeing.

Some examples of successful activities have included:

  • Guest speakers
  • Coaching/counselling
  • Group activities
  • Enrichment activities such as:
    • Pebble painting/colour therapy
    • Meditation & mindfulness practices
    • Music therapy
    • Sports events
    • Movie sessions
The Wellbeing Hubs

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