Our Approach

Our approach at mdeducational foundation is to provide salary funding for a Wellbeing Lead; kickstarting the school’s long-term wellbeing strategy

Providing fully funded support for educational settings to improve student wellbeing

mdeducational foundation provides a three-year salary-funded commitment to placing dedicated wellbeing professionals within post-16 educational settings across the UK and Ireland.

By placing Wellbeing Leads in educational establishments, we’re normalising student psychological fitness and resilience through guidance and early intervention – supporting young people with their wellbeing needs through education and beyond.

With a clear lack of research and support for students aged between 16-18, we see further education as a crucial area for improvement when it comes to supporting adolescents dealing with wellbeing challenges.

We understand the pressures young people face and the impact this can have on their lives, and we also know more can be done on a national level to support them. Our Wellbeing Leads are pioneering a future for better wellbeing for young people so they are more empowered, no matter what their challenges are.

Through educating, enlightening, and empowering, we’re on a journey to a brighter future.

What we offer

For schools and educational settings

  • mdeducational foundation offers schools and educational settings a kick-starter to a long-term wellbeing strategy
  • We provide opportunities for salary funding to place dedicated Wellbeing Leads in schools and educational settings to improve student wellbeing
  • We help schools to better understand the importance of student wellbeing
  • We build a wellbeing service in the school to support the students
  • We help young people in educational settings to thrive
  • We also support with the Wellbeing Lead hiring process

For young people

  • mdeducational foundation is aiming for a world in which every student has access to the wellbeing support that they need, without delay
  • We are on a mission for all post-16 students to feel supported in every aspect of their wellbeing, helping them on their journey to a brighter future
  • We place Wellbeing Leads in schools and educational settings who have the ability to support, listen and communicate effectively with young people
  • We continually raise awareness of the importance of young people’s wellbeing

For Wellbeing Leads

  • Through mdeducational foundation’s approach, our Wellbeing Leads will have the benefit of an evergrowing Wellbeing Lead network, where professionals can share their ideas, thoughts and tips with each other
  • Our aim is to raise awareness of wellbeing and mental health for young people
  • Together we’ll help young people in educational settings thrive
  • When it comes to the wellbeing of students, we want to alleviate some of the pressure placed on teachers, pastoral care, parents and guardians
  • We aim to make a real difference by supporting and pioneering a better future for the next generation

The application process

Our application process is short and simple. Register your school or educational setting for the opportunity to receive salary funding that will place a Wellbeing Lead in your school located in the UK or Ireland. Find the Expression of interest form here.

Expression of interest


Start the application by submitting our short Expression of Interest form

Introduction calls


After our team has reviewed the Expression of interest form, we’ll reach out for an initial phone consultation

Application form


After the first call, we will provide you with the application form to apply for the salary funding

School visit & student survey


After we have reviewed the application, our team will schedule a school visit in person



With the trustees’ approval, we will decide on the approval of salary funding

After approval

After your school or educational setting has been approved, we will move to the second phase: hiring a Wellbeing Lead for your establishment.



We will start with contracting and seeing the needs and requirements of your school/ educational setting

Job advertising


We will write the job description and create the job listing together to hire a wellbeing professional



The hiring process is mainly your establishment’s responsibility, but we are happy to join and support with the interviews



After finding the right candidate, we will hire and have a Wellbeing Leads start at the beginning of the academic year

Wellbeing Lead's first day!


After the Wellbeing Lead has been hired and prepared for the first day – they are ready to start! 

Get in touch with us


UK: +44 (0) 1273 254 130

IRE: +353 19 601 174

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