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Helping schools support the wellbeing of young people

We’re here to help young people thrive

mdeducational foundation is a charity that provides support to students in schools across the UK and Ireland.

We fund the placement of Wellbeing Leads into post-16 settings, providing much needed support for their wellbeing needs through education and beyond.

Our purpose & work

Our mission

Our mission is for all post-16 students to feel supported in every aspect of their wellbeing and know they’ll never have to face mental health problems alone

Our approach

We provide educational establishments across the UK and Ireland with the opportunity to receive salary funding for the placement of a wellbeing professional to support their post-16 students

Our stories

We’ve already seen an improvement in young people’s wellbeing from the placements we’ve made so far, and our work is helping to raise awareness around the crucial issues surrounding the wellbeing and mental health of young people

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”We set up mdeducational foundation based on a desire to change the script for today’s young people, and to give something back to the local community. From my own experience, and as a parent now, I know this can make a huge difference. Our healthcare system works on the premise that young people are “fine”, right up until the point where they have a mental health crisis – and it’s only then that support services step in. We wanted to change that path, by offering much earlier intervention and support to stop young people ever getting to that crisis point in the first place.”

Tarquin Scadding-Hunt, Co-Founder at mdeducational foundation

Why our work is needed

1 in 4 young people in England have probable mental health disorder in 2022

young people in England have a probable mental health disorder in 2022

50% of UK teachers don't feel confident helping pupils with their mental health

of UK teachers don’t feel confident helping pupils with their mental health

1 in 8 young people in Northern Ireland experiences anxiety and depression

young people in Northern Ireland experience anxiety and depression

1 million children and young people in contact with Mental Health services by April 2022

children and young people had been in contact with mental health services by April 2022

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”The hub offers a calming environment and the Wellbeing Lead has always been welcoming, helping me to feel less stressed. They’ve been able to support me better than any previous external counselling, simply by spending time with me and putting practical solutions in place to alleviate my concerns.”

Student, England

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