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mdeducational foundation has already seen an improvement in young people’s wellbeing from the placements we’ve made so far, and our work is helping to raise awareness around the crucial issues surrounding the wellbeing and mental health of young people

students have been provided with accessible guidance and early intervention from a Wellbeing Lead, without delay

”When I talk to friends in other schools and realise the support they don’t have, it makes me realise just how lucky we are to have such a brilliant Wellbeing Lead”

Student, England

”At that time, I pulled on all resources available to support my daughter through obviously quite a stressful time in her life – One of which was the Wellbeing Hub at her school. Just having somewhere for a child to go to offload when there’s something so tricky going on at home is vital.”

Parent of a student, England

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”Since the Wellbeing Lead joined our team to support key stage 5, students have reported feeling so much more supported. Previously they would have had to muddle through, seek external support or might have even ended up dropping out of school.”

Head of post-16, England

”The hub offers a calming environment and the Wellbeing Lead has always been welcoming, helping me to feel less stressed. They’ve been able to support me better than any previous external counselling, simply by spending time with me and putting practical solutions in place to alleviate my concerns.”

Student, England

”There’s no other role like this. (…) I’ve also had fantastic feedback from the students. One even said they wished “everyone had a Miss Wilson.” Having someone they can go to when they need help has made a world of difference for these young people.”

Wellbeing Lead, England

What are Wellbeing Leads?

In October 2023, mdeducational foundation launched in Ireland as we funded Ireland’s first Wellbeing Lead placement in Mount St Michael Secondary School in Claremorris. The school’s Principal Ciarán Ryan and Wellbeing Lead Grace McGee were invited to an interview with Claremorris Community Radio to share their first thoughts and experiences about the new initiative. Listen to the interview below:

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